Adding Federated Users

Aug 30, 2013 at 5:11 AM
Hi Yvan,

Thanks for your effort in providing this package, however I have a question that I hoping you can help me with.

I have successfully installed the LDAPCP into our SharePoint 2010 environment and it is working fine in resolving local users and group. However in the next few months we will be providing federated access to users external to our organisation and I would like to know if this solution will support this.

I've tried adding a few bocus email address and as they don't resolve I'm unable to add them. I'm aware that I can enable a setting "Always resolve the user input" however I like the idea of our internal objects being resolved correctly. I have stumbled across another discussion (think it was in the 2013 version of the solution) where you can use the keyword EXTUSER: in front of an external email address however that doesn't seem to be working in this instance.

Are you able to advise?


Sep 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM
hello Ben,
sorry for the late reply, yes the solution supports using a keyword (like "EXTUSER:") to resolve external users, but this is somthing you need to implement by inheriting the class.
You can download the "ldapcp for developers" package to find an example on how to do this.
It will be possible in the future to do this without doing some code but I have no ETA for this.