Using LDAPCP_Custom, the configuration page under Security doesn't work.

Dec 31, 2013 at 9:06 PM
Happy New Year!

Thank you for a great tool.

After I configured a little bit in code, it can solve my problem that I cannot search in multiple AD by adding more LDAP connection string, but there is still having only one problem is that I cannot search group in any LDAP/AD.

I was just wondering after I installed LDAPCP_custom for my SharePoint Central Admin, I haven't see the LDAPCP Configuration section under the Security tab. Until I installed LDAPCP,which is not for development, then the LDAPCP Configuration section is showed.

However, due to I need to use LDAPCP_Custom so that I can add more LDAP connection string, it shows an error message in red above the page:

LDAPCP is currently not associated with any TrustedLoginProvider. It is mandatory because it cannot create permission for a trust if it is not associated to it.
Visit to see how to associate it.
Settings on this page will not be available as long as LDAPCP will not associated to a trut.

Actually when I use normal LDAPCP, I can search group in AD by editing claim type (I'm using ""). But in LDAPCP_Custom, I cannot edit claim type due to the configuration page doesn't work. And I cannot find the way to edit claim type in code.

So I have 2 questions which need your help,
  1. How to associate with "LCAPCP Configuration" page when I use LDAPCP_Custom?
  2. If No.1 is not possible, how to configure claim type as I mentioned in code?,
Can you please guide me an example because I'm not developer and don't know much in SharePoint.

Dec 31, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Now I can solve this problem in code.

Reference from this page :
I just edit the code by changing from claimType=nsmsclaims.ClaimTypes.WindowsAccountName to claimType=nsmsclaims.ClaimTypes,Role in LDAPCP_Custom.cs
And it's already meet my result.

Thank you :D

But another problem, I cannot give permission to the Domain Users group of another domain.
i.e. I can call Domain Users group only the domain that SharePoint installed.
I just want to search with prefix such as domain_name\group_name because I have many domains federated in this farm.

How can I solve this issue?